5 Things you didn't know about "Damn Daniel" viral internet sensation that will blow your mind

5 Things you didn't know about "Damn Daniel" viral internet sensation that will blow your mind

Damn Daniel was a viral internet sensation that originated in 2016 from a Twitter video featuring a teenager named Daniel Lara and his friend, Joshua Holz, who repeatedly complimented Daniel's fashion choices, specifically his white Vans sneakers.

While the video gained widespread attention and even led to some real-world consequences, there are a few things that people might not know about the phenomenon:

1. The original video was not intended to go viral. It was filmed by Joshua Holz on Snapchat and later posted on Twitter for his friends to see. It wasn't until the video gained traction and was shared by larger accounts that it went viral.

2. The video's popularity led to some real-world consequences for Daniel. He was invited to appear on several talk shows and events, including The Ellen Show, where he was gifted a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers. However, the sudden fame also led to some negative attention, including online harassment and even a false police report that claimed he had been kidnapped.

3. The phrase "Damn Daniel" became a cultural touchstone and was used in a variety of contexts beyond its original meaning. It spawned countless parodies, remixes, and memes, and even inspired a song by DJ Suede The Remix God.

4. The viral trend ultimately led to a surge in sales for Vans. The company reported a 20% increase in sales of its classic white sneakers, and even released a limited edition "Damn Daniel" version of the shoe.

5. Despite the initial popularity of the trend, it quickly faded away from the public eye. Joshua Holz, who created the original video, has since retired from social media, and Daniel Lara has largely stayed out of the spotlight.

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