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Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Men and Women Adult Household Non Rechargeable Soft Hair IPX6 Waterproof

Jianpai Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Men and Women Adult Household Non Rechargeable Soft Hair IPX6 Waterproof

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Type: Acoustic Wave

Size: 1

Quantity: 1

Power type: Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Number of operating modes: 1

Number of nozzles: 3

Number of movements per minute: up to 10000

Material: ABS

Item Type: Electric Toothbrush

Function: Deep cleaning mode

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Certification: CE

Bristle stiffness: SOFT

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Age Group: Adults

Product description
1:IPX6 waterproof design,non rechargeable3 colors
2: 0.18 soft bristle toothbrush design for deep cleaning and
gum care
3: One click start,vibrating 5800 times per minute
4: User group: Adult,material ABS+TPR
MODEL                  : 002
RATED POWER          :2W
MODES                      :Grey/Blue/Pink

Additional details

1.Patients with severe periodontitis or have otherserious oraldiseasesplease

quide to

use this product on the basis ofthe dentist2 Please don't to the teeth and

gums high strengthor the use ofthis product for along time

3. If the teeth are in treatment,or implant appearsunstable cases, suggest to

stop using this product4.Infants and young childrenand not the operatoror

the feelingin the mouth weakplease do not use

this product

5. To protect the tooth is not damagedgum from harmplease avoid to have

beautiful whiteRemovedentinabrasives(powdercycleuse

6.In the process of brushing your teeth,please dontfor teeth overexert(high

frequency vibration by the brushto clean your teethplease)7This productfor

along time need not whenplease

take out the battery

8. Please do not put this product to soak in water

for along time

9.Do not knock or hit the productin order to avoid

damage to the goods


1. Wet brushing squeeze right amount

toothpaste on the brush2Will the bristles with 45 degree Angle on the

gum line on the teeth3.Press the button switchstart sonic

electricfourregionstoothbrush4.You need as long as gently move the brush

to clean theparts, pressure shall be within 150 g(sonic toothbrush is

on high frequency vibration

brush clean the mouthso handthe force used to brush his teeth than the

much smaller whenusing ordinarytoothbrushabout 1/8)5The dentist

suggested that the oral cavityis divided

into four regions(pictured),in the process of brushingthe slow moving

toothbrush,ensure that each region hasaround 30 move cleaning time,

complete a brushing yourteethis the besttime for 2 minutes6.After brushing

your teeth, press the switch button againclose the sonictoothbrushand

then remove the toothbrushfrom in the mouthto replace the clean after


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